The Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners


The Siamese cat is also a good for first time cat owners. Siamese cats are beautiful, intelligent and sassy. Their big personalities bring joy to their owners. The Siamese cat is curious and will want to be a part of the household action. They have good general health, and grooming the short haired cats is an easy task. The Siamese cat originated in ancient Thailand. They were used to guard Asian royalty. The breed gained popularity in Europe and North America during the nineteenth century and remains one of the most popular breeds today. The cats are characterized by their exotic blue almond shaped eyes and triangular head. Its slender body is strong and elongated. The Siamese cat is often used in crossbreeding because of its exotic appearance and good temperament.

With a dynamic personality, the Siamese cat is a fun addition to your household. The cat will be loyal to its owner but curious about guests. The Siamese cat will socialize with all family members even other pets including dogs. With its sassy personality and intelligence, the Siamese cat is trainable. Like the Maine Coon, the Siamese cat can be trained to play fetch and to walk with a leash. Its short hair makes grooming easy. A Siamese cat will demand attention and will even communicate with its family through vocal sounds.

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