The Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners


If the new pet owner is looking fuss free grooming, the popular Sphynx breed is a great option. Breeding the Sphynx cat began in the 1960’s in Europe and developed in the United State during the 1970’s. Hairless cats have always existed, but the Sphynx is unique. The breed has a layer of very fine hair. Shedding is not an issue with the Sphynx, but attention must be made to body oils. The cats should also avoid direct sunlight. The Sphynx have an energetic temperament, so if a new owner is looking for an exotic looking cat with a big personality, the Sphynx is a great choice. The cats are intelligent and easy to train. They are social and love to perform and learn tricks. The Sphynx will greet its owner at the door and be ready to play.


Like the Siamese cat, the Burmese originated in southeast Asia. The Burmese cat originated in Burma near the boarder of Thailand and was considered a royal cat. During the early twentieth century, it became popular to breed the Burmese as the Siamese was bred with other cats in Europe and North America. The original Burmese cats were all brown haired, but other colors began to show up in the breed including black and grey. Today there are subtle differences in the body of the British and the American Burmese cat. The British breed has a slender elongated body. The American breed is stockier with a broader head.

The Burmese cat is a great pet for a first time cat owner because of its temperament. The cats are highly people oriented. Like the Maine Coon, Siamese and Exotic Shorthair breeds, the Burmese cat has dog-like qualities including the love of performing tricks for its owner and greeting its owner affectionately at the door. The cat will form a strong bond with its owner and remain loyal. The cat will also want to be where the action is in the home rather than hiding out and avoiding human contact. These cats are sweet, loyal and loving.

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