The Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners


Like the Siamese, Burmese or Bengal breed of cat, the Oriental is a beautiful breed that makes a great first time pet cat. The Oriental cat breed stems from the Siamese and carries exotic beauty and easy to care for short hair. The cats have slender muscular bodies, pointed heads and large erect ears. The Oriental cat is intelligent and curious. The cats love attention and are loyal to their owner. The Oriental can be trained early on to learn to socialize with other people and pets. They are good with children and love to perform tricks. Like the Siamese, the Oriental can be very vocal and loves to communicate with its human family.

Russian Blue

The Russian Blue cat is a great pet for a first time owner looking for beauty, easy care and a big personality. The Russian Blue is a native breed in Russia and is believed to have been brought to Europe during the mid nineteenth century. Many Russian Blue cats were bred with Siamese cats during the mid twentieth century. The Russian Blue cat is a short haired cat whose coat can range from silver to grey to slate. The coat is dense and easy to care for. They are considered a hypoallergenic breed. The Russian Blue’s personality is a big draw for new cat owners. The cats love to curl up with their owners and also love to play. The cats are intelligent and curious. Although loyal to its owner, the cat is sociable and will get along well with children, guests and other pets.

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