Cat and Window Cleaner Have an Unlikely Love Story

Cat and Window Cleaner

Some videos are trending on Instagram because of an unlikely feline love story. The videos collect memories between a cat and a window cleaner over a few years. The videos provide a unique view of a cat, a high heights window cleaner, and the beautiful view London high rise apartments bestow their tenants. They show a window cleaner as he goes about his daily duties of cleaning windows while suspended on the air in daring heights.

The Climber Mesmerized

Naturally, cats are way better climbers than us. They can leap onto high walls and hunt birds on trees. They are very mobile and agile. We simply watch cats in envy as they cut roads and jump fences. They have the kind of movement freedom and neighborhood access that we’d pay for but can’t buy. Despite the feline high jumping powers that conquer the heights, the videos show a cat envying the human ability to conquer heights. The cat is lounging in the comfortable and warm indoors as the window cleaner maneuvers his way about the steep heights. The curiosity of the cat distracts the window cleaner, and the two are seen to enjoy several cordial moments together. In a busy city like London where locals are always brushing shoulders in the streets, the feline romance with the window cleaner may have ignited another friendship. The apartment resident, the cat’s owner, seems to enjoy the relationship so much that she took it to social media. The window cleaner uses a harness to move up and down as well as right and left. He seems like quite the pro with how he goes about cleaning the windows. The skilled worker also appears to be enjoying his work so much that he whistles eagerly. There is always something attractive about confident men who are daring and busy. Evidently, the pussy cat is very impressed by the guy.

The Mirror Effect: How to Tell If She Likes You

Animals have it easy when it comes to telling how affectionate other animals are towards them. Unfortunately, humans don’t have it that easy despite their cognitive abilities. A dog will just sniff at another one’s butt and immediately tell if the game is on or off. Cats have their thing also. However, it seems that cats and dogs love spending time with friendly humans so much that they know how to communicate friendliness. Unfortunately, some guys are always so clueless that they couldn’t tell if a girl had a crush on them. It sucks a bunch, but what we don’t know can’t kill us, right? Still, we should know. This cat gave the window cleaner pretty much all the social cues of friendliness. If a girl ever gave a man as many as just half of the clues this cat gives, that man should count himself very lucky. Most of them were pretty human. It makes sense that I take you through several of tell-tale signs of identifying your crush. The following are some scientifically-backed ways to tell if a girl likes you.

When a person is attracted to you, he or she will adjust body language, accents, and mannerisms to match yours. It is the psychological art of mirroring, and it helps to establish comfort, trust, and passion. If you aren’t sure if someone ever used it, you should see a politician at work. Watch them and study them carefully. Probably, memories will come flooding, and you will remember all those crushes who you ignored. When you don’t identify the mirroring effect, you may never tell if a person is very interested in you. However, you also need to be alert; sociopaths like scummy politicians and tricksters are very good at feigning attraction via the art of mirroring. Even though business people, politicians, and diplomatic professionals train their body languages to perfect mirroring, it comes naturally for romantic reasons. It is an innate tenet of the human mating nature. Often, the pupils of smitten persons dilate, and they can’t help but stare or ogle. How about that never-ending smile and playfulness? Well, it never ends as long as a strong attraction lasts. Something else that is most striking about a smitten person is the unsolicited or undeserved laughs.

Back to Our Cat and Window Cleaner

In the trending videos, the cat is seen to be playfully jumping as it follows the window cleaner with its eyes. At first, the window cleaner is too busy to notice the attention that he is receiving. Then, the cat starts chasing him as he maneuvers while washing the windows from left to right. The cat tries to touch him but just paws at the transparent window. It seems to be trying to help him wash, but it only has paws as opposed to a wiper.

When the window cleaner notices the cat mirroring at him, he decides to confirm it’s true. He laughs, much to the excitement of the cat, and taps the window in a circular motion. The cat eagerly imitates him and taps the window with his paw. The cat even tries to grab the wiper with its paws, but the transparent glass is a solid barrier. The window cleaner seems to know what is going on; he laughs some more. The bond is created, and the owner of the cat can be heard laughing.

Guess what, she is in the apartment; she and the window cleaner can see each other. The only difference is that she is in the privacy of her place, but he’s allowed to intrude privacy. She doesn’t mind. Her cat adores the man outside of the window, and it wants to play with him. She keeps giggling at the playfulness of the two, and he laughs back. The mirroring isn’t just between the cat and the window cleaner. Could the cat be mirroring its owner’s interests to the skilled worker? Could it be just mirroring the guy for its own sake? Does the guy mirror the cat for the cat, or for the laughing lady of the house?

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