Cat That Went Missing on Scottish Holiday Found 12 Years Later

There are many amazing stories of cats that have gone missing and then later been found. In some cases, the cats have gone missing in unusual circumstances and are hundreds of miles from home. Likewise, there are some cases of cats returning after they have been missing or many years. These stories are heartwarming to animal lovers who enjoy reading about cats being reunited with their families. One such story is that of a cat that went missing on a family holiday to Scotland and was then reunited with its owner more than 12 years later. The Guardian tells the story of a tortoiseshell-and-white cat called Georgie who went missing on a family break to Scotland in October 2008.

The Davis Family, from Greater Manchester in England, were taking a family vacation in the half-term break to Rowardennan campsite on the shores of Loch Lomond. They had decided to take along their family pet Georgie so that it was a true family holiday. Shortly before the family was due to return home, their beloved cat went missing. At the time of her disappearance, Georgie was three-years-old, and she had been fitted with a microchip. The family was distraught at their cat’s disappearance, and they began an immediate search of the campsite. Sadly, their attempts to find their pet were to no avail. The cat’s owner, Amy Davies, described how the whole family was devastated that they could not find Georgie. They were forced, reluctantly, to return to their home without her. As the cat was fitted with a microchip, they hoped that someone would find her and that she would return to them. It was difficult to keep this faith as the years passed.

Unbeknownst to the Davies family, Georgie had not strayed far from where she had disappeared. Over the next 12 years, she stayed close to the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park site. There, she was fed regularly, both by staff from the campsite and by holidaymakers. Bizarrely, it was the Coronavirus pandemic that led to Georgie’s identity being discovered. When the pandemic hit and lockdown restrictions were imposed, there were no visitors to the campsite, and only a few staff remained. Therefore, Georgie was getting much less attention than she was before. It was a member of staff from the campsite who noticed Georgie and became concerned. The staff member raised the alert, which led to Georgie being scanned for a microchip by an animal charity. It was then that it was discovered that Georgie was from Rochdale in the Greater Manchester area.

Although the phone number registered with the microchip was no longer active, the charity could contact Georgie’s owners by sending an email and writing a letter. When Amy Davies received the news, she was delighted to hear that Georgie was safe and well. She was particularly pleased to know that her cat had been having such a good time with the campers on the campsite for the last 12 years. Sadly, this is where the joy of this story ends, as there was no happy family reunion for the Davies family and their cat. Since Georgie went missing, the family has had a change of personal circumstances, so they could not welcome Georgie back into their home.

Davies said that since Georgie went missing, they got another cat who is nine-years-old. Although her initial reaction to hearing that Georgie was safe was to get in her car to collect her, she knew that this wasn’t the best decision for Georgie, who was staying at the Cats Protection Glasgow adoption center. Davies contacted the adoption center to discuss the situation. She did not feel that her current living circumstances were appropriate as she knew that Georgie would prefer a house with no other cats and the freedom to come and go as she pleased. Although Davies felt sad at this decision, she wanted what was best for Georgie, and she believes that finding her a new owner is the best option.

Lynsey Anderson works at Cats Protection Glasgow, and she is one of the staff caring for Georgie. Anderson says that it was obvious that Amy Davies had true concern for Georgie’s happiness, despite being unable to take her home herself. It was certainly not the case of an owner abandoning their cat. Now, the adoption center is looking for a new family to adopt Georgie and give her a forever home. They have said that Georgie needs a home where she is the only cat. A quiet home that offers plenty of space is preferable. It is also better for Georgie if she lives in a home with a garden, as she enjoys spending time outdoor exploring. While it is sad that Georgie is not being reunited with her original family, she has a lot to offer to another family. The staff at the adoption center have describer her as being an affectionate cat that enjoys human company. Therefore, she will make a wonderful pet for someone who is looking for a feline companion.

Although this story does not have the expected happy ending of a cat and its family being reunited, there is a positive from this tale. It highlights the importance of getting your cat microchipped. Without a microchip, it is difficult to find the cat’s owners, especially when the cat is found many miles from home. Exploring is natural cat behavior, so it is hardly surprising that some go missing occasionally. You have a much greater chance of reuniting with your cat if they have a microchip. It is a quick and simple procedure that can save you a lot of heartache in the long run. It takes just seconds to scan a cat or dog for a microchip, and the data on record can help you to reunite with your beloved pet quickly.

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