Five Reasons Every Family Needs a Himalayan Cat

himalayan cat

Many families look for a pet, whether it’s because the adults in the house lived with pets their entire lives or the children want one of their own. While it seems that the dog is the most common house pet, more people own cats than they do dogs. In fact, according to the Humane Society of the US, approximately 95 million Americans own a cat versus only 83 million who own dogs as of 2012. Cats are often misconstrued as animals that don’t want love or affection, that don’t really like humans and that aren’t great pets.

In fact, this is just not the truth. Cats make pets that are just as wonderful as dogs. They’re very loving, friendly and affectionate; few more so than the lovely Himalayan. The fact is that the Himalayan is a beautiful cat that many people choose not to adopt or purchase because of a very common misconception. Because the cat has a very distinct face, many people mistake its flat face as a permanent scowl and assume that the cat is not one that’s loving or kind. This is just not true; the Himalayan is one of the most affectionate cat breeds in the world, and for that they make wonderful pets.

If you’re considering a cat in your house, you should consider this particular breed. If it wasn’t on your scope before, let us put it there for you. Before you commit to a different cat, find out the many reasons why you really want a Himalayan in your house.

It’s the Perfect Marriage

The Himalayan is a mixture of a Persian and a Siamese cat, both of which are beautiful felines with very sweet dispositions. What’s so wonderful about this long-ago hybrid (it was popular before hybrid animals became popular) is the fact that this cat has the best of both worlds. It’s got the flawless coloring of the Siamese cat with the beautiful long hair of a Persian. Yes, it’s going to shed a bit more often than a normal short-hair cat, but something this beautiful does require a bit more care – just ask any woman with long hair and she’ll say the same.

They Love People

The Himalayan might look mean, but it’s anything but. This beautiful breed is one that has some serious love and affection for its people, both big and small. This is the type of cat that families want, because it’s a cuddler. Your kids will adore the fact that this cat wants to sit in their laps and watch television, curl up when they’re sleeping and be close to them no matter what they’re doing. Kids love animals, and most animals are too nervous to spend any significant amount of time near kids, so this cat makes the perfect pet for families. The downfall to this feature with the Himalayan is that it doesn’t do well on its own for long periods of time.

With another breed, you might be able to go on vacation for a week or so leaving someone to come by the house and refill the food and water and clean the litter every few days, but not with this cat. This breed will not do well alone, and would do better with a house sitter, visiting a friend or boarded with other animals and people to love on it every single day.

It’s an Indoor Cat

One of the many reasons so many people say they don’t want a cat is that they don’t want to fight an animal to keep it indoors, but this is an indoor cat all the way. In fact, breeders do not recommend placing a cat like this outside. Aside from the fact that it has such long hair that it’s going to be a disaster if it gets outside, it’s not an outdoor cat. This is a beautiful cat, and it knows it. For this reason, the Himalyan cat doesn’t care much to go outside or do anything it perceives as work. It would rather sit around the house and look pretty.

It’s Playful

Most people assume cats are lazy, and they kind of are. Some even say their cats are like newborn babies. They want to sleep the day away and spend the entire night awake playing and making a racket, and this could be true of the Himalayan if you don’t get that under control from the start. For example, if you have a cat like this, it’s a great idea to get out the playfulness during the day. If you spend time playing with the cat during the day or letting the kids play with the cat during the day, you won’t have to bother with the concept of hearing this animal going on a high-speed toy chase in the middle of the night.

They’re Long-Living

Like most cats, the Himalayan is one that will live a long time. The average age this cat will live to be is 15. However, you should know that this is a cat that is prone to respiratory issues. Because of its long, heavy coat, this cat does not do well in the heat. For example, if you do not love to use your air-conditioning, this is not the cat for you. If it becomes too warm, the cat could begin to have trouble breathing. This could turn into respiratory distress.

Additionally, the cat has some issues in terms of travel. While many pet owners like to take their animals with them when they travel, this one does not do well with travel. For example, there are a number of airlines that will not transport this cat because of its respiratory issues. Many people who own the Himalayan cat have to either leave it behind or take a road trip if they plan on taking the cat with them.

As you can see, this is a great family pet that has very little to worry about in terms of ownership. It’s going to make your kids happy, your home happy, and it’s even going to perk you up a bit when the cat comes to your lap for a snuggle-fest when you’re the only one awake.

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